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Virtual and In-Person

six weekly sessions to discuss the book

Build Your Nest

a postpartum planning workbook

by Kestrel Gates

After giving birth we need REST, SUPPORT, and CARE.
Postpartum planning can make REST, SUPPORT, and CARE possible.

The Build Your Nest workbook offers expectant parents a planning process with crucial information about the postpartum time and lots of ideas about how to make a plan, specific to their own parenting style, family structure, culture, and community.

This workbook is a practical and empowering tool, designed to be written in. Circles, stars, and cross-outs encouraged!

The Workbook:

Honors postpartum time with a newborn as precious and sacred.
Addresses your needs for nourishment, rest, baby bonding, and community.
Supports you in personal reflection.
Affirms your inner wisdom and parenting style.
Helps you uncover resources you may not realize were there.
Invites dialogue between you and your partner, supporting alignment.

Postpartum Planning Is Important.

There is no one right way to do postpartum. The Build Your Nest workbook can help to create a plan that is right for you.

Where We Will Meet


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September XX, 2022



September XX, 2022

Milk Retreat ~ REST

"Discovery" & "Take-off"

September XX, 2022

Milk Retreat ~ SUPPORT

"Power" & "Friendship"

September XX, 2022

Milk Retreat ~ CARE

"Surprise" & "Woke"

September XX, 2022

Postpartum Net ~ COMPLICATIONS

"Trapped" & "Escape"

September XX, 2022

Finalizing the Plan

"Freedom" & "Epilogue"

Live Discussions hosted by Leslie Greene

Birth & Posptartum Doula, Evidence Based Birth Childbirth Educator

  • In person meetings held in Fairfax County

  • Virtual attendance via Zoom

  • Paperback workbook included

  • Open to both birth professionals and expecting families | copyright 2022